When is a permit required?
A permit is required for any alteration or repair to a building, any new building, fence, swimming pool, sign (new or face change), detached building, siding, decks, and special events. A storm shelter also requires a building permit. Separate permits are necessary for plumbing, electrical, mechanical & gas piping if these particular trades are being done. These subcontractor permits can only be obtained by licensed contractors of that trade. If you have any questions regarding permits, please contact our office at 901-853-4830 x4.

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1. When is a permit required?
2. How do I obtain a Permit Application Form & how long is the permit valid?
3. What documents do I need to bring along to apply for a permit?
4. Why are inspections needed?
5. How do I schedule an inspection?
6. If I have a technical question about my project, who should I contact?