Residential projects that can be constructed under the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) include:

  • Single family dwellings, not exceeding three stories
  • Two-family dwellings (duplexes), not exceeding three stories
  • Multiple single-family dwellings: townhouses (a single family dwelling constructed in groups of three or more attached units), not exceeding three stories
For additional information about the residential building codes enforced by the City of Piperton, please call (901) 853-4830 x4.

Residential Building Process:

Application, Plan Review, and Inspections

  1. Determine if a permit is required.
  2. Permit applications may be submitted in person at the Building Department     
      located at 3725 Highway 196, Suite B; via fax to (901) 854-8396; or via email to 
  3. Prepare the necessary construction documents (i.e. plat, plans – 2 sets required)
     and submit them to the Building Department.
  4. The permit application will be reviewed. (The items listed below are not all-
      inclusive but are some of the most common items reviewed by the individual

Please note that permit review may vary depending upon the scope of the application.

a. Building Department - reviews contractor licensing class, proper
    designations relevant to work being performed, individual tradesman 
    designations, expiration dates on license and tradesman certifications, fees,
    cost of construction, description of work, description of construction type,
    edition of applicable codes, owner affidavit, appropriate signatures; performs
    plan review for code compliance.
b. Planning – reviews parcel district, height of structure, and location on lot
    reference to easements, lot lines, structures, and streets; checks for any
    property or zoning issues
c. Engineering – reviews water and sewer connections, erosion control,
d. Treasurer/Finance – checks for unpaid fees associated with the parcel in
    question; reviews business license requirements as applicable

  5. The plans will be reviewed.
  6. Correct, modify, and resubmit documents if any departments require clarification
      or changes to the original submission.
  7. Pick up and pay for the building permit. Once the permit application has been
      approved and paid for, the applicant will receive a copy of the permit.
  8. Post copy of permit on job site.
  9. Request required inspections by calling (901) 853-4830 x4. – New Residential 
      Construction Guidelines

10. Complete the work and obtain the final inspection.
11. Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (if applicable).