Business Licenses

Who Needs a Business License?

Any business that generates revenue within the City of Piperton needs a business license, including cable companies. Any Piperton business that does not have a commercial storefront, office or commercial or industrial location is considered to be a home-based business and will require a business license, even if the sales or services are performed outside the residence. Post office boxes, whether U.S. or private, can only be used as mailing addresses and cannot be registered as commercial locations. Also, rented storage facilities may not be used as your business location.

How To Apply

  • Please complete a Business License application
  • Submit to the City Administrative Office located at 3725 Highway 196, Suite B in Piperton.
  • There is a $15 application fee that is due at time of submission.

Other Information

  • If you have a business license in the City of Piperton, you must also apply for a business license through Fayette County.
  • You are required to renew your business licenses yearly. This may be done online through the State of Tennessee's website. The State will notify the City of Piperton of payment, and current licenses will be issued by the City of Piperton.

Is your Business Moving into an Existing Building?

If you are moving your business into an existing building, please make sure to contact City offices at (901) 853-4830 x4 regarding required documentation and inspection from City of Piperton Building and Fire Departments.