Mission & Growth

It is the City of Piperton's mission to foster a climate conducive to attracting a diverse collection of businesses and industry that provide desired goods, services and economic opportunities to its citizens, contribute to the City's long-term financial sustainability and exceptional quality of life, and are compatible with the City's upscale aesthetic. The City is committed to growing and supporting its local commerce and has positioned itself to be highly responsive to new economic development opportunities, as well as meeting the needs of its existing business community.

If your business or industry is seeking a friendly, low tax, semi-rural community in which to establish a presence, consider Piperton, Tennessee! Piperton administers a common-sense regulatory/entitlement process, and offers unparalleled logistical advantages within the Memphis Metropolitan Area, including direct access to Interstate 269 and major highways, as well as to the nearby Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility. Join the below ranks of thriving businesses and industry who call Piperton home!

Piperton Businesses