Safety Resources


Teachers and educators of children can check out FBI-SOS (Safe Online Surfing). It is a free online program promoting safety for 3rd through 8th grade students. The program provides:

  • Safety information
  • Tips on how to recognize dangerous internet situations
  • Ways to respond to online dangers

Child ID App

Parents may be interested in finding out more about the FBI Child ID App. This app allows parents to store information and photos on their iPhone or Android phone. Additionally, the app allows the user to quickly email information to the authorities.

Motor Vehicle Information

More information on motor vehicle safety and administration can be found at the following sites:

Identity Theft Information

Identity theft is a real problem that can be minimized or handled with a few steps. For further information, check out the following pages from the Federal Trade Commission:

Resource Reviews

The Reviews research team compiled a list of 26 services and identified the top 10 products to review based on the 33 most important features. Visit Identity Theft Protection Services to see their findings.