About the Department

Service Area
The Piperton Fire Department serves the City of Piperton and surrounding area of District 3 in Fayette County, covering a combined area of approximately 27 square miles.
Piperton Fire Department building and garage
About the District
The district is mostly composed of rural area, but there are many residential neighborhoods and an industrial area that houses Alpha Corporation (AOC) among other businesses. Highway 385 runs through Piperton and Highway I-269 connects Highway 385 to Mississippi.

We are a combination department with:
  • 6 full time Firefighter / AEMT's
  • 30 volunteers
  • A full-time Chief

About the Chief
T. Reed Bullock, the 1st full-time firefighter for the City of Piperton, was designated Fire Chief in 2006. A 10-year veteran of the department where he began his firefighting career, he is a single father with 1 son. Together they enjoy fishing, hunting, baseball, football, and riding horses.

    Emergency Response
    We respond to all emergency calls to include:
    • Fires
    • Hazardous material leaks
    • Medical emergencies
    • Motor vehicle crashes
    • Other type of rescue or life safety issues
    We have the following apparatus used for emergency response:
    • 1 brush firefighting unit
    • 3 fire fighting engines
    • Chief's vehicle, which also carries medical equipment
    • 1 Utility unit
    • 1 Specialty Rescue unit
    ISO Rating
    Our city has an ISO rating of 3 which corresponds to our firefighting capabilities and training as well as our water system infrastructure.

    Sprinkler Systems
    The passage of legislation to require residential sprinkler systems in addition to already requiring sprinkler systems in commercial and industrial building will help insure that our growth does not overtax our department or city emergency response resources. The sprinkler systems are designed for life safety protection, but have been shown to mitigate property damage also. This helps protect the lives of our citizens and the lives of those that work in our city, and also protects the investments of home and business owners that make up our community.